About Saba Hilbert

Saba Hilbert is a German Fashion brand with headquarters in Cologne. Inspired by the diversity and incredible beauty of our surroundings, Saba Hilbert travels with every piece that she creates to another part of the world. But instead of taking a literal approach, the focus is on the most coveted colors and material richness. Founded in 2014 by Saba and Shaakirah Hilbert, the brand is distinguished by exquisite bags, shoes, jeans and accessories made from high-quality natural materials and exclusively made under fair conditions. The mission of Saba Hilbert is simple: filling a gap in today’s modern market with unpretentious, colorful fashion. Not everyone is wearing only gray and black in the winter, some still have spring feelings in November. The pieces, designed and selected by Saba Hilbert, are colorful, individual, classic and timelessly beautiful at the same time – and thus can be combined and marvelously exchangeable. When shopping at the Saba Hilbert Online Store good mood and the perfect outfit is guaranteed.

“Design shouldn’t be calculated. It shouldn’t only be about the latest trends. It’s an emotional thing. Fashion is about discovering and always evolving your own style. That’s why we don’t work in Seasons or Collections. We want you to be surprised any time of the year”

The women’s collection by Saba Hilbert has what women want: jeans that make the butt even more crisp, and shoes that are pleasantly wearable, classic and stylish. Fashion by Saba Hilbert enhances the feeling of well-being and glamor and provides the extra touch of elegance and understatement. While the pants are mainly made of pure cotton, the shoes are handmade from finest calfskin. This creates quality that attracts – for the lifestyle and aspirations of modern women, whether in office, private or on the road. Shoes and fashion by Saba Hilbert for women: Wonderful female favorite pieces.

For men, the Saba Hilbert collection offers classy, robust jeans and shoes from classic to sporty-extravagant. High-quality materials, such as pure cotton in the trousers and the finest calf leather in the shoes, make men’s hearts beat faster. Because here “man” quickly finds a long shopping-tour.

Designs that give you butterflies..

and the Butterfly…

No matter if you like it or not, one must admit that it carries a natural charm.

The Butterfly is a wonderful, elegant, and sensitive creature. With its fascinating colors and gracious shallowness it gives us a feeling of joy. The butterfly’s wings show a range of colors and delicacy, which give us an insight of all the possible ways we can combine these colors that given trends might tell us not to.

Seeing all the beauty within this fascinating creature, we tend to forget what’s lays behind it. Thinking of what the butterfly had to go through and how it had to struggle to achieve its place in the sky, that’s where the real beauty comes from. In life it often happens that we look at something from the surface only, but often it is more than that. Often it is essential to see what work and effort lays behind it to fully understand the beauty of something.

That’s what makes the butterfly important to me, and a symbol for Saba Hilbert.